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Artificial Grass Can Fit All Your Grass Needs Part 2


Artificial grass is a great alternative to natural grass and a great addition to any home or business.  Artificial turf can be used in many different application.  Here are a few more options to keep in mind when looking for a new surface or ground cover.


Artificial Grass for Vehicle Floor Mats

We use cuts of turf in our company vehicles to protect our floor mats from dirt and stains.  When working in the winter, our crew is known to get their boots muddy.  Our vehicles stay cleaner and have less stains when we use turf as a floor mat.  It is a cheap and good looking alternative.  And is a great conversation starter!



Rooftop Artificial Turf



Don’t have a yard? Have a rooftop yard! Soft turf to play on, relax on, or just make your roof look better for parties.  These types of installations can sometimes take extra materials to help with drainage and nailing of edges, but we sure love a challenge.  We pride ourselves in doing all the work ourselves.  Our crew has many talents and many years of experience with out of the norm installations.







Artificial Grass Around a Pool

artificial grass




Do you get dirt in your pool? Artificial turf eliminates dirt in your yard.  No more dirty feet in the pool and the sand infill doesn’t track.  You could even swim in the winter with no worry about getting muddy.  Artificial grass is also soft to walk on, therefore requiring no shoes!  And it looks good!








Artificial Grass Sports Fields

Synthetic turf

synthetic grass sports field

indoor synthetic grass soccer









Cascade Greens has installed multiple indoor and outdoor sports fields of all types.  Artificial grass is a great addition to your home or business, what better way than to make it playable?  We install private residential and commercial sports fields of all types including, but not limited to, indoor/outdoor soccer fields and football fields.



 New Applications

Cascade Greens is always open to new and different types of applications for our turf.  We are happy to work with our customers to find just what they are looking for to complete their home or project.  Call TODAY for a FREE consultation.

Artificial Grass Can Fit All Your Grass Needs Part 1



Artificial grass is very versatile and can be applied to many more applications than just your front or back yard.  Cascade Greens has had the pleasure of installing artificial turf in some very interesting locations and we’d like to share those adventures.


Playground Artificial Grass

artificial turf

What better surface to have under and around your playground than artificial turf? No mud for the kids to track in, they could play year round.  Artificial grass is safe for kids and dogs alike. It is a great low-maintenance solution to other ground coverings under a playground structure.  Works great for either residential or commercial.







Artificial Grass Around Llama Barns

artificial turf

Synthetic grass












Don’t want muddy paw dirtying up the barn? Artificial turf can help by having a perimeter that allows your animals to “wipe” their feet off before they step into the barn.  We know in the valley we deal with a lot of rain and that’s why Cascade Greens guarantees no pooling water!



Estate Entry Turn Around Artificial Grass

artificial grass

Mr.H has a beautiful entry way into his many acres of land in Oregon City.  Mr. H has two putting greens and a putt putt course on his property.  What better way to welcome people than installing artificial turf in your entry way?  This ensures an entry that looks manicured year round.








Duck Blind

Artificial turf is not limited to just home use, it can also be for outdoor sports!  Imagine it’s been raining for a week, but you want to go duck hunting.   Synthetic grass can solve that problem.  No mud while you wait for the perfect shot.  You might even be comfortable.


Advertising Center Piece

Cascade Greens has sold very specific shapes and sizes of artificial turf to marketing and sports companies.  Our turf is used for displays under products and as accents to other items.  Artificial turf can be cut to any size and most shapes to fit your needs and space.  We have even punched holes in specific spots on the turf to allow for stands to fit into the grass.


 New Applications

Cascade Greens is always open to new and different types of applications for our turf.  We are happy to work with our customers to find just what they are looking for to complete their home or project.  Call TODAY for a FREE consultation.

Happy Dogs like Synthetic Dog Turf!


Want to get rid of muddy paw tracks and dirt on your carpet? Our complete Dog System with synthetic dog turf is just what you need.

Components of our Dog System with Synthetic Dog Turf

synthetic turf installation process cutaway


3-4″ of gravel is placed over landscape fabric to stop weeds from growing up through the gravel.  The base of gravel gives the best solution for drainage in normal or heavy rain conditions.  Extra grave can be added in low spots to help with added drainage issues.

Synthetic Dog Turf: 

Dream Turf dog turf is made with antimicrobial backing and blades to help deter any microbial growth from your pets waste.  The backing is also a mesh material for added drainage.  This added drainage helps fluids run through the turf quickly so it helps stop odors from arising.


Our residential installations use a green silica sand.  We offer an antimicrobial Durafill sand for our dog system, it is a fully encapsulated granule that has no absorbency properties.  This type of infill helps drainage and deters any microbial growth.  It will help keep your pet and your synthetic dog turf clean!


There are very few things in life that are no maintenance.  With having dogs on turf there are a few maintenance task that need to be done, but are far less than with natural grass.  In the hot dry months we strongly encourage watering the grass on a daily basis if your dog is going potty on the turf.  Think of it as flushing the toilet.  The water will help the urine get rinsed through the infill and get wash away so there is no odor.  Solid waste should be picked up like normal.  If any spots are left they can just be hosed off.  We also offer our maintenance service, or Spruce Up!, whenever needed so it freshens up your yard!


Other Synthetic Turf Options

All of our synthetic turf is a great solution to muddy paws.  Whichever type of grass you prefer, we always highly recommend our antimicrobial Durafill sand.  It will help keep your yard clean for your furry friends.


Happy Dog!

Here are a few of our happy dogs loving their new turf….

dog turf

Quality Synthetic Turf For a Small Area


Synthetic turf is a great low-maintenance replacement for any area of ground cover, especially a lawn or putting green.  We have installed synthetic turf in many different applications.  Mrs. D in SE Portland has a very small back patio and wanted the best use out of it for her and her dog.  So, she called Cascade Greens to help her fill what little area she had with our Dream Turf dog turf.


synthetic turf small area


Synthetic Turf Small Area Installation Process

dog turf

starting excavation

Every job starts with excavating the existing ground and preparing it for landscape fabric and gravel base.  It is important to excavate deep enough to allow room for 3-4″ of open gravel.  This amount of subgrade allows for excellent drainage in most yards.  Cascade Greens guarantees no pooling water and our crew is capable of adding all types of products for adequate drainage in your area.

synthetic turf small area

laying landscape fabric



With a level subgrade of open gravel, best for drainage, it is time to lay turf.  Depending on the shape of a yard, there is sometimes a need for a seam where the turf will meet.  Mrs.D was in need of one small seam due to the L shape of her yard area.  This seam allowed us to not waste any turf and keep Mrs.D’s cost down.

synthetic grass

one small seam

After laying turf comes infill.  We use a green sand, no rubber, in our turf as infill for residential applications.  We use a stihl brush to help the sand settle in as it gets spread across the turf..  Having an infill helps keep the blades standing up straight and a soft grass like cushion when you walked on.

Job Well Done!

synthetic lawn

job done

Mrs.D was very happy with the finished lawn. So was her dog!  Now Mrs.D has a year round usable yard with no wet or dirty paws tracking in the house.

We have the solution for your spotty yard


Why choose artificial turf?

This time of year most yards are beat up from the winter weather and showing it’s wear.  Then add a dog or two in the mix and there’s not much grass left.  We have a solution for that.  Artificial Turf!  With replacing your yard with artificial turf installed by Cascade Greens, there is no more mud, no more puddling and no more fertilizing!  Artificial turf also offers a low-maintenance, natural looking, green yard all year long!

Does your yard look like this?

artificial turf

Mr. and Mrs. J in Clackamus was having the typical post-winter look to his yard.  Instead of all the hard work to reseed or fertilize, they chose Cascade Greens to install the most natural synthetic turf available.  What started as a spotty looking yard has now become a green, year round, enjoyable lawn.  Now they are making their neighbors jealous!

synthetic turf

Decorative rock makes a wonderful accent

Your yard could be next!

If you are looking for our most natural looking turf, we have just the one for you.  The turf installed in Mr. and Mrs. J’s yard was our DT Natural turf.  We have a handful of other grasses to fit your style preference.  Each person has there idea of how much brown to green ratio a lawn should have.  Our many options of turf give variety to choose from.

Not only does artificial turf improve the value of your home, it will also be more enjoyable for everyone.  Pets love it even more than children.  And neither one will track in mud!  A mud free lawn can be enjoyed any day of the year.