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We have the solution for your spotty yard


Why choose artificial turf?

This time of year most yards are beat up from the winter weather and showing it’s wear.  Then add a dog or two in the mix and there’s not much grass left.  We have a solution for that.  Artificial Turf!  With replacing your yard with artificial turf installed by Cascade Greens, there is no more mud, no more puddling and no more fertilizing!  Artificial turf also offers a low-maintenance, natural looking, green yard all year long!

Does your yard look like this?

artificial turf

Mr. and Mrs. J in Clackamus was having the typical post-winter look to his yard.  Instead of all the hard work to reseed or fertilize, they chose Cascade Greens to install the most natural synthetic turf available.  What started as a spotty looking yard has now become a green, year round, enjoyable lawn.  Now they are making their neighbors jealous!

synthetic turf

Decorative rock makes a wonderful accent

Your yard could be next!

If you are looking for our most natural looking turf, we have just the one for you.  The turf installed in Mr. and Mrs. J’s yard was our DT Natural turf.  We have a handful of other grasses to fit your style preference.  Each person has there idea of how much brown to green ratio a lawn should have.  Our many options of turf give variety to choose from.

Not only does artificial turf improve the value of your home, it will also be more enjoyable for everyone.  Pets love it even more than children.  And neither one will track in mud!  A mud free lawn can be enjoyed any day of the year.

Does Your Llama Like Synthetic Grass?


Synthetic grass all around

A few years ago Cascade Greens had the pleasure of installing synthetic grass around Mr.Oregon City’s llama barns. And play ground, and two putting greens, and a putting course, and a petting zoo area……..But let’s focus on the llamas.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Artificial Turf


Artificial turf has become the next big thing over the last few years.  It is an easy low-maintenance replacement for your yard and a great way to enjoy sports anytime of year.  With any long term investment it is good to do research in what product you are choosing.  Here is a list of some frequently asked questions from interested people and happy customers.

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Drainage and Artificial Grass


Why pick Cascade Greens?

Our forethought about drainage is one of the major points that set us apart from our competitors.  With living in the NW, our priority is making sure your lawn does not pool with water during our rainy season, aka 9 months out of the year.  Instead of only addressing the issue when customers mention it, we anticipate it with every job.

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3 Steps to Synthetic Grass Sub Grade


synthetic turf installation process cutaway

Synthetic grass sub grade is a very important piece of the installation process. It can define how well your area drains as well as the grade and shape of the surface. We pride ourselves in taking the extra step with doing the right so your yard, putting green or sports field drains just right!

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